The star or disc screen is designed to sort out material that differ in size in two fractions at high capacity and efficiency.

A conveyor, feeds the star screen with an even flow. The screening process begins in the disc screen where the star shaped discs are rotating in forward direction and loosen the material. Because of the shape of the discs, and its high speed, the material is hit, loosened and pulled apart in an aggressive way. Because the speed is so high, the layer will be thin, making the screening very effective .
The coarse grain is transported over the star screen and falls off at the end of the screen. The fine material falls downwards through the screen. Both coarse fraction and fine fraction can feed a second screen, for further separation. It also can be transported with a conveyor, or simply fall in a bunker.

The star screen is available as single- or multi-stage screen solution depending on customer and application-related requirements. When placing a second star screen behind, three fractions can be screened.