We are specialised in maximising the reduction and re-use of waste and its energetic potential. By sorting waste, we recover recyclable materials and extract inert material to increase the caloric value of the rest of the waste. For sorting dry waste our product range includes:

  • star screen - seperates coarse from fine material
  • glass breaker - seperates glass from packaging material
  • OCC screen - seperates old corrugated cardboard from paper and plastics
  • wind sifter - seperates light from heavy material by air
  • stars and discs - wear parts for various screens, also for other brands

For cleaning biomass we supply

  • biomass cleaning systems clean biomass

For transporting waste from one system to the other we offer

  • chain conveyors
  • trough conveyors
  • roller belt conveyors

Tailor made conveying solutions

  • tyre metering system
  • turntable conveyors